Berri reactivates his initiative.. This is the date of the dialogue

Berri reactivates his initiative.. This is the date of the dialogue

| Thursday 17 November 2022

Hala El Husseini - "Akhbar Al-Yawm"

Next Thursday is the date of the seventh session to elect a president of the republic, while the consensus on the name of the future president is still far from being reached.

Therefore, attention is drawn to the steps Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri will take in terms of calling for dialogue and reactivating this initiative for the benefit of the country, according to relevant sources.

 These sources have confirmed, through "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency, that this issue (i.e. dialogue) is inevitable, especially after the calls made by many MPs, including the forces of change, notably by Representative Elias Jaradi, who called on Berri at the sessions for dialogue and consensus to elect the president, because the country can no longer tolerate more.

 The sources suggested that the dialogue would begin after the Christmas and New Year holidays to agree on the name of the president, as well as to address the financial and economic situation.

The sources said that the call for parliamentary sessions to interpret the constitution remains part of an escalating discourse, because the provisions of the constitution are clear, and therefore there is what is more important than that, that is to say the approval of economic and financial reforms and what the International Monetary Fund demands.

Although some MPs will seek not to attend legislative sessions before the election of the Speaker, it seems clear that objection to the legislation has begun to dissipate due to the disagreement of MPs from the Forces of Change and Independent MPs on this question.

Emphasizing that there must be legislative sessions, as the work of Parliament must not be disturbed at all, the same sources revealed that the convening of the first legislative session will take place as soon as the committees have finished the bill on capital control, which despite the difficulties should be approved as soon as possible.

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