Diversity of blocs isn’t an easy task anymore!

Diversity of blocs isn’t an easy task anymore!

| Wednesday 16 November 2022

Carol Salloum - Akhbar Al Yawm

It was practical to come upon several deputies under the banner of opposition parliamentary blocs and independents, by forming a follow-up committee that works to raise the level of coordination in the next stage, especially at the level of presidential elections, facing vacancies and rejecting any parliamentary action from legislation or others in this period.

The insight was clear regarding the denial, and this was shown obviously in the meeting statement, but similar meetings are consultative, especially since each deputy has a specific approach or point of view, and the formation of a follow-up committee came to indicates that the research is a sequel.

Here, informed political sources report to Akhbar Al Yawm that the meeting is still at the beginning of the way in terms of arranging some things that fall within the framework of parliamentary follow-up, provided that the priority remains to complete the presidential elections. To this end, it is expected that the meetings will be repeated later and that positions will appear on the feasibility of the

These sources say: There is no complete initiative ready, and the titles that have been put forward relate, as stated in the statement, to breaking the wall of disruption in the presidential file, and these deputies have commonalties for the sovereign candidate and confronting the system of corruption and weapons, expressing her belief that the existing diversity is a double-edged sword many times.

The same sources consider that the meeting cannot be doomed to fail simply because the initial outcome of it came in the form of a follow-up committee, or because some views are conflicting, noting that the meeting may expand in the coming period with the accession of deputies who missed or were unable to attend for various reasons.

The source believes that it is a non-sectarian meeting and that the conclusion that may be reached must be based on the minimum understanding, noting that it is too early to talk about a unified approach towards nominations or changing the position on a particular nomination, provided that things are taking their course pending the new movement in the Parliament.

Undoubtedly, "Tuesday's meeting" will not be the last, and there are other similar meetings that may be held soon, and on the other hand, the meeting is not a single bloc, so the expectation of his excessive contract at some point may remain.

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