Geagea to Akhbar Al-Yawm: the confrontation with Hezbollah is political

Geagea to Akhbar Al-Yawm: the confrontation with Hezbollah is political

| Wednesday 16 November 2022

Omar Al Rassi - "Akhbar Al Yawm"

The leader of the Lebanese Forces party, Dr. Samir Geagea, said in an interview with "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency that the confrontation with Hezbollah is political and called on him to abandon his project and his ideology. Geagea summarized the qualities of the future president of the Republic by the "Rescue", warning that the election of a president coming from the party team is not only an extension of the crisis but also it deepens it further , rejecting the equation of a president close to Hezbollah and a head of government close to the other team.

And in response if Geagea has become a maker of presidents instead of being the natural candidate for the presidency of the Republic. He said: every step of the way I try to do what is best for the country or sometimes what is least bad.

Commenting on the promotion of the equation of a President of the Republic close to "Hezbollah" and a Prime Minister close to the party's opposing team, similar to the repetition of the experience of Presidents Michel Aoun and Saad Hariri, Geagea explained that the Hezbollah team and our team form two parallel lines that do not meet until further notice.

"We hope that tomorrow Hezbollah will change its political project and abandon its ideology, then we will meet in five minutes, but as things stand there are two completely contradictory political projects", he said.

Geagea pointed out that the project of Hezbollah and its allies has brought Lebanon to where we are now, and therefore to negotiate in this regard is a kind of collusion to maintain the current situation as it is, therefore - apart from the classifications of March 14 or 8 - we support the arrival of a President of the Republic able to go through the required rescue operation with a Prime Minister able to go through it as well, and therefore a government in the same direction.

Geagea recalled that far from political, ideological or intellectual descriptions, a "rescue president" is needed today because we are in a very exceptional situation which requires a quick and urgent rescue, and the President of the Republic and the Head of the government must be chosen on this basis.

Thirty years ago and until today, the bad practices carried out by many political elites who took over the legitimate sites, caused people to lose their appreciation of these sites, while Hezbollah surrenders account of this value, he added.

Geagea says that Hezbollah attaches importance to the presidency, which theoretically confirms that the battle with the party is not military, but political par excellence, and the most important thing is that politicians tighten their "status", so that this battle is with the right people who can deal with the existing situation, otherwise things will remain the same.

He warned: If Hezbollah manages to find a president according to its specifications, it simply means extending and deepening the crisis further and further.

Geagea felt that if the President of the Republic did not have enough powers, as much as the current constitution, i.e. the Taif agreement, gave him to change the situation, "Hezbollah" would not have granted such a power. importance to the election of a new president, to the point of disagreement with his allies. Therefore, the President enjoys a pivotal and very essential position for the proper functioning of the political process in Lebanon in a great national sense. It is important to know this, and it is more important that the deputies concerned know that the responsibility now rests with them to elect a president - as soon as possible - capable of bringing Lebanon out of its current situation, and not a president of compromise.

And about the position of the "FL" of opposition parliamentary meetings like the one that took place yesterday, Geagea stressed that any meeting that takes place between two or more opposition parties is good, provided that they are not unable to discuss among themselves to reach the required decision regarding the Presidency of the Republic, because so far more than two weeks have passed since the presidential vacuum. He said: no one believes that hope is lost, no possibility, many believe that our problem is related to external forces, which is not true.

Geagea added: in simple terms, our problem is related to the position taken by 15 to 18 deputies in the House of Representatives, until yesterday, the deputy Michel Mouawad was able to obtain 49 votes, that is to say that 'he's steps away from getting 65 votes and so we'll have a president, regardless of anything said about quorum, with that number of votes nobody can disrupt quorum like it's happening right now.

He concluded: the reason for this "brazen" disturbance is the ambiguity of the image of the other side, therefore the rescue of Lebanon depends on the position of the deputies who have not yet taken a position, or burn names in vain.

Tomorrow we can start the rescue process by agreeing on a candidate, otherwise, if they continue like this, they are helping "Hezbollah" and its allies with the current disturbances.

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