54 deputies named Mikati... How will a quorum be secure for a trust session?

54 deputies named Mikati... How will a quorum be secure for a trust session?

| Friday 23 September 2022

Exclusive - Akhbar Al Yawm

Unless there are developments, the government is likely to see the bright side, prepare its ministerial statement and turn to the parliament to ask for confidence within a maximum period of three weeks - that is, before the Lebanese Parliament becomes a voter body starting next October 21 - to become a "full-fledged government" to manage a vacuum that we know will start on November 1, but no one knows when it will end.

While President Mikati, when he was appointed on June 24, received 54 votes... Therefore, will there be a quorum for the government to gain confidence, or will it automatically switch to the caretaker, President Michel Aoun's demand for a full-the fledged government will not be met.

Constitutional expert lawyer Said Malik explains that according to the provisions of Article 34 of the Constitution, which stipulates that: "The meeting of the Council shall not be legal unless it is attended by a majority of the members who compose it and decisions are taken by a majority of votes," the quorum that must always be provided for any session of the House of Representatives is the normal quorum, For those present, if 65 deputies attend, a majority of 33 deputies can be granted confidence.

Stressing that there is no need for a prescribed quorum, Malik concludes: Here is the hypothesis of disrupting the session, that is, not providing a quorum for the 65 deputies.

The question remains Deputies who did not name will they provide a quorum for their government to gain confidence?... And it is known that each team has its accounts, and the time is raided?!

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