ISF arrest 'dangerous' man wanted

ISF arrest 'dangerous' man wanted

| Friday 23 September 2022

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces-Public Relations Division issued the following communication:

As part of the ongoing follow-up carried out by the judicial police unit to work on the arrest of dangerous wanted persons on all Lebanese territory, information was available to the special group in the said unit about the presence of a dangerous wanted person in one of the houses in the town of Tel Hamira/Akkar, called: H. Sh. (born in 1986, Lebanese).

He is active in robberies by force of arms, arms smuggling, and the imposition of extortion, and there have also been reports that he opened fire at a military patrol while conducting smuggling operations.

As a result of the monitoring and tracking operations, a force from the special group raided his house and arrested him, and seized the "van" used in smuggling operations. It turned out that he is wanted for the crimes of robbery by force of arms and imposing extortion.

The detainee is arrested at the relevant unit to carry out the legal requirement against him, based on the indication of the judiciary.

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