Which way will Ambassador Bukhari's move supposed to lead?

Which way will Ambassador Bukhari's move supposed to lead?

| Friday 23 September 2022

Daoud Rammal, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

Lebanon in front of "two blocs"

Since the first moment of the issuance of the results of the parliamentary elections last May, everyone has recognized that Lebanon is facing a parliamentary council divided against itself, and lacks the ability to form circumstantial majorities related to the issues and entitlements.

The first exam was the election of the speaker of the House of Representatives, then his deputy and the secretaries, and then the sharing of the committees of heads, rapporteurs and members, which brought together the disputants in politics, and what was witnessed during the discussion sessions of the draft budget law for the year 2022 is the best evidence of dispersion and division, while what is required is for the House of Representatives next November to discuss and approve the draft budget law for the year 2023 if the government can accomplish it, and it can if it is in charge because the budget is one of the most important tasks that the government has to accomplish.

This division in the parliament and the absence of a clear and decided majority showed the existence of a non-majority bloc, a bloc of what was known as the March 8 alliance, which naturally gathers about 52 deputies, and if attempts are made to include others in the topical alliance with it, it may reach 62 deputies, while in the other hand, scattered blocs have not yet met on specific and basic topics, which makes it difficult so far to open the file of eligibility for presidential elections seriously and practically.

Starting from this point, it is necessary to read the move made by Saudi Ambassador Walid al-Bukhari, it is true that this move has supporters and opponents, but the contacts and meetings carried out by al-Bukhari are in the direction of bringing all these to common topics, and the most important thing in his move is that it came after the Paris meetings between French and Saudi officials who discussed in detail the Lebanese file.

Which way will Ambassador Bukhari's move supposed to lead?

It is obvious that all internal and external forces will mobilize their efforts as the decision on the presidential eligibility file approaches, because Lebanon, unfortunately, used to rely on the outside in managing its affairs and fulfilling its entitlements. In the presence of a parliamentary bloc numbering more than a third, i.e. capable of disrupting presidential eligibility, the birth of two large blocs in the House of Representatives is required, so that we will be in front of t two parliamentary blocs, which force everyone to start discussion and dialogue in order to agree on a president capable of connecting with everyone and not boycutting with any team, and as soon as the Saudi ambassador's endeavor is successful, which seems to be the result of a French-Saudi and even American agreement, we will have practically entered into the process of producing suitable conditions for electing a new president of the Republic.

It is a mistake to judge the current movement of the Saudi ambassador, but in the objective political reading, it will automatically come to one and only conclusion, which is that there is no escape from dialogue to prevent prolonging the vacuum, and the next President will be the result of an agreement, and not as it is said that he should be at the same distance from everyone, but to be connected to everyone, because what is needed is to save Lebanon from the danger of disintegration and demise.

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