Two gifts from Hezbollah for President Aoun... Will he succeed in presenting them before the end of his presidency period?

Two gifts from Hezbollah for President Aoun... Will he succeed in presenting them before the end of his presidency period?

| Thursday 22 September 2022

Exclusive - Akhbar Al Yawm

Hezbollah is working on two lines to make two gifts to President Michel Aoun before the end of his presidency period: completing the demarcation of the border, and forming a government according to the president's will and his constant demand in all his views, according to a follow-up political source.

In detail, the source explains the "first gift," considering that the party is trying and facilitating, but the solution and linking do not have it, saying: It is not known whether Israel will complete the demarcation before the Knesset elections in early next November, as the current government headed by Yair Lapid will not be in the way to go towards a step that weaken

The source adds: But on the other hand, there are intensive consultations in New York on the demarcation, accompanied by talk that the agreement is under completion and has reached its final chapters, and therefore the announcement of it may be a matter of a few days.

Noting that nothing is clear at this level and any progress may be blown up in the last quarter hour, the source goes on to talk about the "second gift" - in which he can decide - and related to his ability to form a government.

The source considers that the party wants President Aoun's exit from the Republican Palace to be "supervised", especially after six years of cooperation, applications, and facilities, and must be thanked.

In addition, the party seeks to ensure that the covenant does not go to any step that may plunge the country into a constitutional crisis that constitutes an entry point for international intervention that the party avoids and reflects negatively on its situation.

The source says: Although the future government will not provide and will not delay, and if it is formed, it is a replica of the current, and will not constitute any entrance to any change, rescue, or serious treatment of the reality of the crisis, but it only falls under the category of "moral satisfaction of Aoun" in terms of not "breaking its word", while the party did

The source points out in this context that Hezbollah exerted pressure on both Presidents Nabih Berri and Najib Mikati after they considered that there is no point in composing for a month, concluding: Thus, Aoun will come out of Baabda by achieving the government of his will.

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