Mikati’s speech on the 77th session of the United Nations

Mikati’s speech on the 77th session of the United Nations

| Thursday 22 September 2022

President Najib Mikati during his participation in the 77th session of the United Nations:

We thank the United Nations for its efforts regarding Lebanon and salute to the forces of 'UNIFIL' for their sacrifices to maintain stability in southern Lebanon in coordination with the army.

The world is going through conflicts that worry us all, and the best place to deliberate on those challenges is the United Nations Hall.

We welcome the American mediation, and Lebanon adheres to its sovereignty, rights and wealth, and we wish to reach a negotiated solution to the maritime file, and we have made tangible progress.

Lebanon is determined to protect its national interests and the welfare of its people and is aware of the importance of the promising energy market in the Middle East.

We affirm Lebanon's commitment to implementing the full provisions of Resolution 1701, and we affirm Lebanon's absolute adherence to its sovereignty, rights and wealth in its territorial waters and its exclusive economic zone.

Our government has achieved many goals, most notably the parliamentary elections on time, but the road ahead for Lebanon is still arduous, long, and full of difficulties before getting out of the crisis.

We demand the convening of the Friends of Lebanon Conference, which France has long sponsored, in the presence of the friends of our country.

The Syrian displacement crisis has become more than Lebanon’s capacity to bear, and the only realistic sustainable solution is to achieve a safe and dignified return to Syria to the displaced.

Difficulties will not deter the Lebanese from moving forward in re-establishing their prosperity and boosting the pioneering role that Lebanon has always played globally.

We want Lebanon to be an arena of convergence, not an arena of division, and we want it a space for dialogue, not for competition.

 I repeat my call to everyone to neutralize Lebanon from all conflicts in the region and the world.

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