EU ambassadors on ‘reform’ tour: Have they given up and cut off hope from Lebanon?

EU ambassadors on ‘reform’ tour: Have they given up and cut off hope from Lebanon?

| Wednesday 21 September 2022

Aline Farah - Akhbar Al Yawm

Implementing economic and financial reforms and discussing the deteriorating social situation is the title of the tour of Lebanese officials by the ambassadors of the European Union and member states residing in Lebanon. The Ambassadors are well aware of the major challenges at all levels experienced by the Lebanese people, and they expressed their readiness to support Lebanon in facing this situation.

But, according to a follow-up source on European affairs, the EU and its officials have now turned the page with Lebanon, and major aid is on hold until further notice, as they have cut off hope from politicians. “Lebanon’s situation is hopeless at the moment, and the delegation’s tour may stem from this desperation.”

There is no doubt that Lebanon's situation is difficult, especially since the political authority has not taken any decisive decisions regarding getting out of the crisis, nor even implementing any of the required reforms, especially the reform laws. The political situation is also not suitable for dealing with the deepening crisis or the possibility of finding any solution to it, in the presence of a caretaker government whose legitimacy some parties question and whether it can take over the administration of the country in light of the next presidential vacuum, which is "marketed in a scandalous form."

The source adds that there is a large rift and a radically different approach between Lebanon and the Europeans concerning the file of displaced Syrians, which creates a mutual spasm between the two parties.

In this sense, European delegations visiting Lebanon are purely technical and cannot make a difference or change the existing reality.

Senior European officials visit the Persian Gulf such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, where they worked to strengthen the relationship, and where the energy sources these countries can provide, given the maximum European need for this substance as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The source in question concludes that if the demarcation of the maritime border is agreed upon and Lebanon begins to explore for gas, Lebanon will again enter international attention, as a potential source of energy, and as a peaceful element in the Middle East, at which point we will witness meaningful and meaningful European visits to Lebanon.

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