Iranian fuel: 100% free... Here are the numbers, quantities and details

Iranian fuel: 100% free... Here are the numbers, quantities and details

| Tuesday 20 September 2022

Exclusive- Akhbar al Yawm

The "Akhbar al-Yawm" news agency has learned that Iran will provide Lebanon with 600,000 tons of fuel free of charge for a period of 5 months, divided into 120,000 tons per month.

Iran's Ambassador to Lebanon, Mojtaba Amani, revealed on Twitter: "There is good news to be announced soon on what has been agreed regarding Iranian fuel and electricity cooperation between the delegation from the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Iranian officials. »

In this context, relevant sources reported that the delegation of the Ministry of Energy in Iran had positive talks with the Iranian side, which showed full willingness to provide fuel without conditions on how to use it, even if the Lebanese side wanted to conduct a similar Iraqi fuel swap operation.

The sources estimate that the quantity of 120,000 tons per month provides about 4 hours of electricity per day, knowing that the distribution process belongs to the Electricity of Lebanon. EDL Director General Kamal Hayek works continuously to supply power to vital facilities, such as the airport, prisons, some water pumping stations and main headquarters.

As for the possibility of imposing sanctions following the donation of Iranian fuel, the sources indicate that this fuel is a donation and that the Lebanese state will not pay any sum to the Iranian side.

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