2022 budget .. figures that are not in line with reality or the truth

2022 budget .. figures that are not in line with reality or the truth

| Tuesday 20 September 2022

Exclusive - Akhbar Al Yawn

It seems that the chances of forming a government over the next week, ont overcome the chances of approving the general budget for the year 2022 which may be transferred to the first government of the new era, that we do not know, but everything indicates that the country is heading towards a vacuum at least until the beginning of next year.

How will the draft budget be handled for the session scheduled for the 26th of this month, and so will spending on the twelve-month rule remain prevalent beyond 2022 and possibly beyond? !

In this context, the constitutionalist Said Malek told the "Akhbar Al Yawm" agency, that on the basis of the principle that governance is continuity, the House of Representatives is able to vote the budget and that it is seized of it. by a government that is considered to have resigned, but if a new government is formed before the budget is approved, it (i.e. the new government) has the right to take over the project in order to make changes or to apply his economic theory to it.

He adds: It is likely that the government itself will be reformed with the replacement of a number of ministers, and so it will be an extension of the current one, no more no less, given that we are closer to the concept to revive the current government, although it is a political and not a constitutional concept, more than we are faced with a new formation. In response to a question criticizing the drafter of the current draft budget, which does not carry any economic vision, Malek considers that it is a collection of figures which are neither in line with reality nor with the truth, and thus betting on the budget for the year 2023, in addition to that, nine months have passed since the date of its issuance. On the other hand, the sources of the deputies of the change exclude that a quorum is available for Monday's session, considering that this bloc, in addition to other deputies, will not participate in detailing the laws to the extent of the people in power, surprising how much it is possible to discuss the increase salaries and social assistance for public sector employees without providing them with enough money. Noting that the method of approving the series of ranks and salaries which was approved in 2018, is still before us, and we are paying the price for it today - among the costs we are paying due to bad economic policies, "which moved from year to year and led to complete collapse." In response to a question, the sources point out that Lebanon today needs a real recovery plan, which includes the budget in addition to the reform measures that have become known and need not be repeated to print money and more inflation. In a related context, the sources pointed out that the MPs have a vision on how to deal with the economic crisis and how to get out of it, hoping to adopt it when preparing the budget for the year 2023

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