Maarab and Saifi... Joint Confrontation of the System of Corruption and Weapons

Maarab and Saifi... Joint Confrontation of the System of Corruption and Weapons

| Thursday 15 September 2022

"Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

Lebanese Forces returned the favor to the Kataeb Party, by participating with a large parliamentary delegation, in the fortieth anniversary of the martyrdom of President Bachir Gemayel and his comrades, including both the vice-president of the party, the deputy George Adwan, and MPs: Ghassan Hasbani, George Okais, Nazih Matta, Elias Estephan, Razi El Hajj and Jihad Pakradouni.

This participation, which took place a few days after the mass for the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance in Maarab - also in the presence of a delegation from Kataeb - indicates that relations between the two parties born from the same bosom are on the way to improving , in particular after the tensions that prevailed during the legislative elections.

"For us, Bashir is the founder of the "Lebanese Forces" and its first commander, and therefore the FL as a political institution is a continuation of the approach of the martyred president, especially with regard to the line and the project",a source of LF said to Akhbar Al Yawm.

It should be noted that the Forces born in the conditions of war and under the bullets were at the time a need of the Kataeb Party and other parties, especially Christians, explaining that it was necessary to change the style of confrontation and its approach, and for this reason, the Lebanese Forces since their launch are a revolution on an existing political reality and have pushed for change, repeating that this is the "revolutionary line at the Lebanese and Christian level", as Bachir wanted it.

The source adds: there is also another fracture in the participation linked to the current relationship with the Kataeb Party which has since been renewed after the legislative elections as a result of two things:

First, everyone - the "Kataeb" and others - has come to believe that in the end no one can lead a political confrontation with the system of arms and corruption alone.

Secondly, if we do not unite in this confrontation, the country will further erode and gradually eat away at the remaining existence of the state in Lebanon.

The source believes that this confrontation calls on all parties to establish the future despite the differences.

The source indicates that the participation of the LF yesterday is a good thing and establishes a further cooperation based on the common constants of the two teams in the face of the system of weapons and the existing corruption.

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