Three key points in the Pope's appeal

Three key points in the Pope's appeal

| Thursday 04 August 2022



Daoud Rammal - Akhbar Al Yawm

The brief appeal launched by His Holiness Pope Francis for the second consecutive year on the occasion of the anniversary of the explosion of the port of Beirut was remarkable, which carried multiple connotations, expressing in depth the despair in the face of all the reality who holds the reins of the administration of Lebanon, tested for decades.

Nothing advances in the agenda of the Holy See on the question of the individual and the community, which is the basis of the approach to any question related to the process of life, and the obligation of the commitment morale, values ​​and faith in everything that reassures, suffices and comforts this person, hence the affirmation of the Sovereign Pontiff since the advent of the catastrophe which struck Lebanon and its capital Beirut and cost the life , deepened the wounds and spread the destruction again in a scene that the Lebanese are trying to eliminate after fifteen years of civil war before them.

Since the explosion, the Vatican has emphasized justice and truth, which can never be hidden, and these can only be achieved with courage, independence and avoiding influences from any side. be, and the most important thing is to declare the truth, because it alone opens the door wide to fortify Lebanon from enemies from outside as well as from within.

On the basis of the tragedy of the explosion in the port of Beirut, which is akin to "resting on the hope of the resurrection", the Holy See renews the hope that Lebanon, with the help of the international community, will continue to follow the path of a new birth, this new birth, which he considers as a well-informed source and in accordance with the Vatican atmosphere, "is equivalent to an inevitable transition from a difficult and painful phase to a more spacious, peaceful and quiet phase, and this new phase is not built with previous tools that have caused Lebanon today to suffer from a collapse at all levels, which has led most of its inhabitants to a state of extreme poverty

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