What is the importance of extending the restrictive measures announced by the European Union on Lebanon?

What is the importance of extending the restrictive measures announced by the European Union on Lebanon?

| Wednesday 27 July 2022

Exclusive - "Akhbar Al Yawm"

At a time when the Lebanese are preoccupied by the quarrels of the people in power over the formation of the government, the negotiations for the demarcation of the border, and the return of the American envoy, Amos Hochstein, at the end of the week to Lebanon, Faced with parliamentary quarrels and the obscene remarks and behavior that accompany them, the European Union announced yesterday the extension of the framework of restrictive measures for Lebanon for an additional year.

The framework, adopted since July 30, 2021, provides for the possibility of imposing sanctions on persons and entities responsible for undermining democracy or the rule of law in Lebanon by "obstructing or undermining the democratic political process by continuing to obstruct the formation of the government” or to obstruct the holding of the elections or seriously jeopardize them. » In addition to hindering or compromising the implementation of plans approved by the Lebanese authorities with the support of relevant international actors, including the European Union, to improve accountability and good governance in the public or banking sector or implemented major economic reforms in the banking and financial sectors.

What does this expansion mean? And what about its timing? A European diplomatic source refutes the importance of the framework of restrictive measures as follows:

1- The European Union maintains the sanctions like a sword hanging around the necks of Lebanese politicians.

2- In order to instruct the political class to take the necessary measures for the formation of the government, to elect the President of the Republic on the constitutional date, and to carry out the necessary and necessary reforms.

3- It is a way to express solidarity with the Lebanese people against a political class that has done nothing in the interest of the people.

4- To establish serious laws which require the establishment of the bases of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and which open the doors of other funds and aids to international development.

5- Noting that basic European aid intended for Lebanon is currently frozen, given the sanctions regime and the negative attitude of the ruling political class which, in the eyes of Europeans, sows corruption and alters the socio- economic and food security of citizens.

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