The strike by Banque du Liban employees is the most dangerous

The strike by Banque du Liban employees is the most dangerous

| Tuesday 28 June 2022

 "Akhbar Al Yawm"

In a country in crisis, the sectors without exception suffer, the unions successively go on strike, multiple demands are formulated, but the result is an unsatisfied demand.

In this context, the syndicate of Employees of the Banque du Liban announced the strike for a single day, in rejection of the measures taken against the Banque du Liban and its employees by Judge Ghada Aoun, which are contrary to legality. 

However, an economic source warned against the repercussions of turning this strike into an open strike, pointing out that the work carried out by the employees of the Centrale differs from the tasks of state employees, since the role of the Centrale in the heart of financial and economic activity, and any work stoppage will have a significant negative impact on the economy.

The strike is mainly reflected on public sector wages, because the exchange order comes from the Ministry of Finance to the Banque du Liban, and the Ministry of Finance is the only one who can move the state accounts, and therefore if the one executing the exchange order does not exist, how to distribute the wages. As for the banking sector, banks take money from the Banque du Liban to meet their needs, which translates into the withdrawal of deposits and salaries or what is facilitated for them.

In addition, if the strike turns into an open strike, the import process will stop as a result of the cessation of remittances abroad, the first victim here will be the medical sector of hospitals and medicines.

As for the most important question, the reference says: if the strike continues, what will be the fate of the Sayrafa platform, knowing that its shutdown will lead to more money on the black market.

The source concluded, warning that turning the strike into an open strike would be disastrous for a country that has fundamentally collapsed!

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