The international community urges the formation of a government

The international community urges the formation of a government

| Monday 27 June 2022

Aline Farah, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

This is what Duquesne will carry if he comes

All political forces, parties and officials are sure that the path of forming a new government for four months is difficult.

In the context, the French Foreign Ministry rushed to issue a statement welcoming the appointment of President Najib Mikati to form the government and urging officials to form a government that emulates the aspirations of the Lebanese people and implements the required reforms.

Despite the disappointing results of French President Emmanuel Macron in the legislative elections, French interest in the poor conditions of Lebanon still exists, although not as much as it was before, according to concerned sources. Therefore, the Elysee departments are following up on political developments and working on the line of accelerating the formation of the Lebanese government by communicating with all parties in Lebanon to urge them on the need to speed up the steps in the formation of the government.  A number of French departments remain following up on technical matters related to the restoration of Lebanon, including files related to the laws that the House of Representatives must approve, or some executive files that have already been approved pending the re-formation of a new government.

For his part, the official in charge of the reforms file in Lebanon, Ambassador Pierre Duquesne, is following up on the technical issues related to the "Cedar" Conference, and he returned a few weeks ago from Saudi Arabia to follow up on the issue of the French - Saudi fund. If he comes to Lebanon, according to some press sources, he will follow up on technical matters in terms of the adoption of laws that he considers essential for the restoration of the development process, which are necessary reform laws from the point of view of the IMF and the international community in general, which emphasizes the implementation of reforms.

The Council of ministers had previously referred these draft laws to the House of Representatives. According to the sources, Duquesne, if he comes, he will, as usual, urge everyone, especially the deputies and the council, to approve these necessary laws, in order to give signals about the return of confidence or about the Lebanese Will to rebuild ties of trust with the international community.

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