A reading in numbers of the governor's remarks and the violation of the law in the "raid" of Rabieh

A reading in numbers of the governor's remarks and the violation of the law in the "raid" of Rabieh

| Thursday 23 June 2022

Jean Feghali - "Akhbar al Yawm"

The Governor of the Banque du Liban held a paper in front of him, in his interview on the program "le Dialogue de l'Epoque" with colleague Roula Haddad, on the LBCI screen, and read: "between 2010 and 2021, the energy sector and the import of hydrocarbons cost 24 billion and 537 million dollars", this sentence alone was enough to annoy the head of the Free Patriotic Current Gebran Bassil, especially since he has been in charge of the Ministry of Energy since 2010, and still is. This figure, which has broken the public treasury, is in itself supposed to be the subject of accountability and penal control with those who have succeeded each other in the Energy portfolio, which is a "portfolio" in all the meanings of the term. This sentence was enough to launch a "raid" on the governor's house in Rabieh on the basis of a "subpoena", and when the security forces failed to find him, Judge Ghada Aoun, returned and brought in an expert who opened safes and took the files. The Governor's interview can be read in numbers, and the answer to this one is meant to be in numbers, not politics. Governor said: "We have succeeded in securing 27 years (from 1993 to 2020) of stability and comfort. We have supported the ownership of 175 thousand houses and we have granted subsidized loans to the industrial, agricultural and tourist productive sectors. The governor detonated a politico-financial bomb, when he said: "The government asks us for financing without assuming responsibility for it... And if we took everything to the Banque du Liban, what is the use of this State?"

This kind of speech does not dare to be held by someone who opened a newspaper the morning of the interview, which was recorded 24 hours before its broadcast, to read a speech by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun , saying: "I have not understood why justice has withdrawn from a battle which is at the heart of its mission, which is to prosecute the governor of the Banque du Liban. I do not yet find a reason why he is slow to file a complaint against him", if he was afraid, he would have at least asked not to broadcast the interview, for fear that its content would be provocative for the president and his son-in-law Gebran Bassil, but broadcasting it means that he is not afraid, on the contrary, he decided to confront himself, and the answer was to search his house. If number one provoked Baabda and Mirna Chalouhi palace circles, what about the governor's statement that "there were those who wanted to control the Banque du Liban", when asked: " who?" He simply said, "It's clear to everyone". The governor detonates a second bomb when he says, "The state has taken, by law, $62 billion." Perhaps this figure will irritate Baabda and Mirna Chalouhi and we will be on a new date with a new descent, knowing that what Judge Ghada Aoun did inside the governor's house in Rabieh is, according to legal experts, "against the law and the simplest legal rules because it constitutes a violation of the sanctity of the House". In the "Rabieh incident", the governor scored a goal against the goal of judge Ghada Aoun, who failed to "accomplish Mkattaf-2.

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