The resistance bloc: We have appointed Mikati to form a government

The resistance bloc: We have appointed Mikati to form a government

| Thursday 23 June 2022

The resistance bloc nominated President Najib Mikati, and deputy Muhammad Raad spoke on his behalf, saying: "Our position is easy and abstentionist. Lebanon today needs an effective government, and in crises, the national interest requires providing opportunities" to form a government that copes with its duties. And the personality of the president-designate would increase the opportunities for this. »

He concluded: "The bloc has appointed President Najib Mikati to form the government, wishing him success".

A few minutes ago, binding parliamentary consultations were launched to appoint a president to form the new government.

In an interview, President Najib Mikati said that he "will not anticipate things by adopting a political or apolitical government", and indicated that "this matter will only take place after consultation with parliamentary blocs and independent parliamentarians".

Mikati explained that "he hopes that the drafting will be done quickly, stressing that he could propose an amendment to some ministers and portfolios, but that in general he was comfortable dealing with the components of the current government".

The general directorate of the Presidency of the Republic has also made public the final distribution of the dates of the binding parliamentary consultations that President Michel Aoun will conduct on Thursday, June 23, 2022, to designate a president responsible for forming the new government.

This is after minor changes were made to the first schedule that was distributed a few days ago.

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