A pivotal showdown looms in eastern Ukraine

A pivotal showdown looms in eastern Ukraine

| Thursday 23 June 2022

Russian forces in recent days have captured three additional villages in eastern Ukraine, allowing them to advance their artillery in range of Lysychansk, a key city where Ukrainian forces are digging in on high ground for what is expected to be a pitched battle.
The slow, brutal advance of Russian troops has tightened their vise around Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk — the neighboring cities where Ukrainian forces have been attempting to stop Russia from seizing all of Luhansk province. Moscow’s forces already control most of Sievierodonetsk, making the defense of Lysychansk a key showdown for control of the Donbas region.
Russia controls about half of Donetsk province and is pushing from the east, north and south to try to take more territory there. But analysts say that Russia’s battered forces face an even more difficult battle in Donetsk than in Luhansk.

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