Solar energy loans .. difficult conditions to achieve!

Solar energy loans .. difficult conditions to achieve!

| Tuesday 21 June 2022



"Akhbar Al Yawm"

Solar energy loans from the Housing Bank, whose financial ceiling ranges between 75 and 200 million lira, are paid in installments over 5 years with a uniform annual interest rate of 4.99 percent, from the only loans remaining in Lebanon, after the citizen was confused about which loan to choose, and on the basis of which he was building his life!

At first glance, the Lebanese may think-located between the anvil of the Electricity Authority of Lebanon, which provides electricity for an hour or two two days, and the hammer of the owners of generators, who are priced in dollars and set rationing schedules - that obtaining this loan is easy and can reduce his suffering, but when checking the conditions, the hopes of some may be dissipated immediately!

In this context, an energy expert believes that the big fuss about the solar loan may be in large part media bubbles, given the difficulty of achieving the conditions, which suggests that the loan is aimed at a specific category.

In this context, the expert stops at a number of conditions, including:

Item No. 7, in which "the housing subject to the loan should be located in one of the villages in the countryside where there is no municipal council or whose number of members does not exceed", the expert considers that this item strikes social justice and equality between people.

Item No. 8, which states: "to have the approval of the" Lebanese Center for energy conservation" affiliated to the Ministry of Energy and Water, in addition to the approval of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, " the expert says here: this center has no official status, but rather a metaphor for an association existing in the Ministry of energy, and there is an attempt to create a role for it.

Item no 10: "the supplier companies must be among those approved by the Lebanese Center for Energy conservation of the Ministry of Energy and Water. 

 The expert points out that this clause is a metaphor for monopoly legislation at this level, in addition to that, what confirms that these companies adhere to quality conditions or are they just quotas and benefits!

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