Government of National Unity...Why does Berri stick to it?

Government of National Unity...Why does Berri stick to it?

| Tuesday 21 June 2022

Omar Rassi - "Akhbar Al Yawm"

Despite international demands, which are repeated - at every deadline - to speed up the process of appointing a new president and forming a government to save Lebanon from its calamity, the stage is open to various possibilities, and nothing is not decided until next Thursday, pending the outcome of binding parliamentary consultations, knowing that a series of questions have not yet been answered, in particular: the name of the next Prime Minister, the form of government and the nature of his ministers, his program...

At a time when the parliamentary forces seem dispersed, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nabih Berri is calling for the formation of a government of national unity.

In this context, the deputy of the Liberation and Development bloc Kassem Hashem, estimated via Akhbar Al Yawm that we are going through exceptional circumstances, and that the formation of the new government is therefore not an ordinary subject, as if we were in a natural circumstance, and it can only be dealt with depending on the accuracy of the stage and the progress of the challenges.

Hashem added: hence the importance of the next government, which has great tasks and will be before the presidential right, because the possibility of a presidential vacuum is possible, which requires that the government be responsible and able to assume double duty if we reach that void.

He asked: Are we facing a problem of assignment or paternity He replied: in front of the two at the same level, even the personality who will be assigned to build in order to determine the form of government and its ability to lead the stage , stressing that today we need experience and experience the most, we do not live the luxury of time because we are not an experimental field in this abnormal circumstance, reiterating that we are in a very delicate stage which requires more responsibility than usual.

Thus, Hashem continued: Speaker of the House of Representatives Nabih Berri calls for a government of national unity, recalling that this was also the objective when President Najib Mikati composed his current government, but that some at the time considered to be out of it. He stressed that at the stage of rescue crises, all forces are responsible without exception, and it is not permissible to say: this or that team alone should bear the responsibility, or choose a team to evade it, warning: the country today does not carry a leading team.

And what about democracy, He replied: Yes, the democratic game goes on in normal times, but we are in an exceptional country and an exceptional composition, and it is necessary to combine efforts in a government of national unity.

But unity governments have always anchored quotas Hashem said: if there is consensus among all parties, a government will be formed, not of this color or that, repeating: We must first put ourselves together. agreement on the government's program and its work plan, but the qualities of the government will be in the second stage.

We may be facing a short-term government or a long-term government whose responsibility is to manage the presidential vacuum… The problem is that we do not know where the country is going.


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