The best solution to save money and reduce prices.. But?

The best solution to save money and reduce prices.. But?

| Wednesday 15 June 2022

Antoun el-Fata, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Abi Haidar: we are in real trouble

Although it is important to stick to how to preserve Lebanon's maritime borders and its oil wealth, but it is important to move towards renewable energies as soon as possible, given their importance in reducing the financial burden on the Lebanese citizen. The expansion of the use of renewable energies in agricultural businesses, for example, and in industrial production, can contribute to reducing the prices of many agricultural and industrial goods.

The legal adviser in energy affairs, lawyer Christina Abi Haidar, stressed "the importance of renewable energies in reducing the rates of spending on the Lebanese citizen in the future, provided that they are used in a community way, which will provide a lot of potential in that case, at the level of purchasing, installing and maintaining associated systems".

She pointed out in an interview with "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that "the Lebanese state has not maintained renewable energy projects, especially hydropower, which has been available since the days of the French mandate. Nor did it care about investing Lebanon's wealth in water, wind, and solar energy. Unfortunately, the situation is still the same today, although the Russian war on Ukraine has contributed to the rise in oil prices, and it is pushing all countries to look for alternatives, at the level of renewable energies".

She added: "We have been working on a law with the European bank for reconstruction and development, with the Electricity Of Lebanon (EDL), and the Ministry of energy for years, which stimulates the use of renewable energies, and introduces money to Lebanon. But they are still manipulating it till now".

Abi Haidar continued: "Lebanon is committed internationally, and by virtue of its participation in the Paris climate summit, to reduce greenhouse emissions by 30 percent, and to adopt renewable energy by 30 percent, by 2030. And here we are today in 2022, and we have not yet reached the level of commitment to the limits of 6 percent in this area. This shows that we are in real trouble".

She pointed to the need for a policy that provides "energy security" for Lebanon. For example, no country should be based on a single source of energy, which is the Iraqi oil in the current case of Lebanon. If this flood breaks any day, we will be in complete darkness, and at the mercy of the owners of the generators completely. Thus, the adoption of renewable energies will play a role in the plurality of energy sources".

Abi Haidar concluded: "renewable energies are very important to save the financial bill of citizens and the state, and it is good for the environment and people's health, as it is clean energy, but there is no intention".



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