The arrested maintenance workers and administrators are also victims of the Port blast...When will they be released?"

The arrested maintenance workers and administrators are also victims of the Port blast...When will they be released?"

| Tuesday 14 June 2022

“Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Parents raise their voice: the verdict is more merciful than negligence and omission

It can be said that the arrested maintenance workers and administrators in the case of the Beirut port explosion are also victims... The detainees (about a year and a half) do not know the charges against them, are waiting for justice, while the investigation is suspended for political and non-political reasons... No one knows when the forensic investigator Tarek al-Bitar or others can complete the investigations.

A number of maintenance and administrative workers were arrested, Al-Bitar released six of them in April 2021, and returned the requests of others, provided that the investigations are completed.... But political obstruction stopped the judicial path.

The parents of detainees say that there are 15 detainees whose fate has not yet been decided, 5 of them in al-Rihaniyeh prison and 10 in the custody of the state security.

In an interview with "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency, these parents explain that they are trapped in a vicious circle, and every official or person involved in the case put the responsibility on the other, while the detainees are paying the price because they were employees in the port where the "Big Mafia" planted that bomb among them.

The parents add: it is as if a play has been installed to make these young people pay the price, and the guilty and the perpetrator remain "innocent". They continue: after two years of imprisonment, we do not know what these detainees committed, while they were doing their jobs or implementing judicial decisions or orders.

The families point out that Judge Bitar met the detainees once in order to identify them, did not investigate with them or listen to their statements, but completed the investigations of Judge Fadi Sawan. They add: we do not doubt the performance of Judge Bitar, but we demand that the investigation proceed at a fast pace, and to issue sentences, and perhaps what will be issued against them may be less than the time they spent in detention, if they bear any responsibility! It is not permissible for them not to know what the charges are against them, while negligence and omission are the Masters of the situation in the case of the port...

The parents consider that "criminals are free to do what they want", concluding: "there is no voice louder than the voice of the truth, and the truth must appear, but it will explode in the face of all those who tried to hide it".

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