Electricity crisis... Abi Haidar: clear policy to control the sector

Electricity crisis... Abi Haidar: clear policy to control the sector

| Wednesday 25 May 2022

Omar al-Rassi, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Lebanon does not need three plants and currently does not have the capacity to operate the existing ones

Today's episode "Kalam Mawzoon" highlighted the electricity crisis, which is one of the facets of the collapse.

The expert in energy affairs lawyer Christina Abi Haidar explained that since 2002 when the law on the regulation of the electricity sector was adopted - i.e., over a period of more than a decade - it has not been applied all this time, and this is a key indicator that all political parties did not have the intention to secure the electricity, considering that there is a clear policy to control the sector.

Noting that no country depends on a single source of energy, she pointed out that in September the contract with Iraq ends.

In a related context, Abi Haidar said that since 1930 Lebanon has relied on renewable energy and since then hydro-electric power plants have been established, but there has been no development.

In response to a question, Abi Haidar considered that there is no solution except to break the monopolies, so that the private sector sells the private sector without going through the intermediary i.e. EDL, so the law on renewable solar energy must be approved but in its original version, which indicates the absence of the Ministry of energy, but this version was tampered with as the ministry became a key element.

She stressed that all elements exist if there is political Will, considering that Lebanon does not need to build three plants, and it is currently not able to operate the existing ones.

She pointed out that the international community cannot help Lebanon without real reforms, and the first step lies in the implementation of law 462/2002 without amendment, and the appointment of the governing body of the sector .


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