Hesitants and boycotters... Will they affect the elections results?!

Hesitants and boycotters... Will they affect the elections results?!

| Friday 13 May 2022

Carole Salloum - "Akhbar al Yawm"

Next Sunday may pass for a group of Lebanese as usual, but this is not the case for those who stand for elections such as political parties, forces and groups.

Anyone who decides to have heart and vote, they will find themselves surrounded by an atmosphere of tension, only to breathe a sigh of relief after stepping out from behind the curtain.

As for the voter who was contacted in recent days to scrutinize his choice after he had told those close to him that he would give new people a chance, this particular voter will not be contacted again. It's settled...

On the other hand, some prefer to stay honorable in their home, and follow the election day, if the electric current is available. Others are registered on the electors registers in areas far from their residency, which drains them financially and morally.

"The equation will not change, and our voice will not make any difference." This is what some people have come up with.

Will the scene hesitant come to vote and the boycotters change their minds?

"They are crucial hours," this is what informed sources indicate to "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency, and confirms that participation is taking place, but it is necessary to read the percentages in the regions and touch the positions of the citizens.

These sources make it clear that during the period until the election date, expectations may change, even Sunday, and it is known how votes are mobilized in the last minutes and how problems arise, pushing people to stay safe at home.

As for the activists in the parties electoral machines, they are well aware that their numbers will not let them down much.

The sources add: We are open to all expectations, especially since the 2022 elections are not similar to the 2018 elections.The Lebanese citizens will not forget what happened in the past years, and have to choose either reproduce the same class or tend to change the facts or at least make room for a group whose experience will be judged later... So this time the decision is up to the citizen and his vote is inside the box...

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