Will the Electoral path save Lebanon?

Will the Electoral path save Lebanon?

| Thursday 12 May 2022

Antoun el-Fata, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency     

Hobeika: for new decrees to be issued on Monday and reshape the government itself.

As the "global" citizen (in Europe in particular) runs to get oil, flour, and various types of cereals and foodstuffs, and to store them, amid growing concern that global food crises may begin to appear gradually, starting next autumn, or early 2023, according to some observers, the various Lebanese political and partisan forces promise us "Manna and Qails", in the post-parliamentary elections, with their populist speeches and promises.


Can we be better than the "Global" Citizen already, amid the additional concern that we fail to secure the parliamentary, governmental and presidential map capable of transferring IMF dollars from coffers, tables and figures, to what is in the interest of life and living of people?"


Economist Dr. Louis Hobeika pointed out that "the problem of access to fuels, grains and food has become global. But what can make a difference in Lebanon after the elections is that the Lebanese elect clean candidates, those whose pockets are empty of theft and corruption, and their minds are full of thinking and planning for the benefit of the country and the people", he said.

He stressed via "Akhbar Al-Yawm" agency that "this is the valid map to stop theft, and to restore local and external confidence, which will be the beginning of improving our situation".


Hobeika pointed out that "the lack of trust always leads us to think that what will happen, is completely different from what politicians tell us. For example, we all know that with the current electricity tariff, restoring electricity to Lebanon would be impossible. But when they tell us that they are going to raise the tariff, and that the electricity will be insured on this or that date, we will be afraid instead of being happy, because the authority is so incapable of providing confidence, that everyone worries that the tariff could be raised in exchange for an additional blackout. The same applies to the telecommunications sector as well as others".

Figure it out for yourselves

Hobeika considered that "if we get 30 deputies clean of corruption to the parliament, this will be the first basis for confidence, to start effective international cooperation with Lebanon, and to establish to attract investments. In the opposite case, the international community will cease to trust the Lebanese people as well, and will tell us "figure it out for yourselves", based on the fact that despite the explosion of the Beirut port, the collapse of the lira and the country, the people have elected the same faces to power, which means that the problem is in the people themselves, who will not find anyone to help them in the future".


About the danger of not having the parliamentary and political change required to restore international confidence, and about our ability to provide food, grains and oils in the future, if the global crisis worsens, Hobeika replied: "in that case, we may enter a major chaos, with a collapse in all sectors, parallel to a major moral and social collapse", he said.

He concluded: "the solution lies in a basic proposal, which is that instead of entering into the issue of forming a new government after the parliamentary elections, and then entering into another after the presidential elections, amid our urgent need for an authentic government that follows the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, we must resort to issuing new decrees next Monday, reshaping the current government itself, by an exceptional decree, as it is, and that is independent of its pros or cons, while leaving the actual government battle for the post-presidential elections. The country no longer tolerates rigid periods of business".


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