Gas and oil waiting at sea for voting... In favor of "Hezbollah"!

Gas and oil waiting at sea for voting... In favor of "Hezbollah"!

| Tuesday 10 May 2022

Chadi Hileneh, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency      

Lebanon is far from any hope of benefiting from the billions of dollars existing in its territorial waters

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah considered that Some say that he will not vote for the resistance because of the economic crisis, and we say the resistance will ensure that oil and gas are extracted from regional waters to resolve the crisis, and we have to go out on the 15th of May and practice political resistance to preserve the military one.

Nasrallah thus made a promise that the party would extract oil and gas, despite the complexities of the border situation and the dispute with Israel, where he stressed that the Lebanese people have "a brave resistance that can prevent the enemy from exploring for oil and gas, and  a resistance that can tell the enemy when it bans Lebanon from extracting its energy resources it will also be banned.

In the meantime, observers believe that Nasrallah knows very well that it is just an electoral maneuver to keep his seats in Parliament, especially since Israel did not wait for Lebanon and was not afraid of Nasrallah, as it began drilling in the northern section of the Karish field.

In the same context, political sources point via the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency, that the words of Nasrallah about the extraction of oil wealth is soon, is wishes, and works to promote it in order to exploit it at the ballot box.

The sources add, that Nasrallah is trying in his speech to transfer the Lebanese to a better life and save him from his economic situation before the elections.

And here the sources ask: Where are the rest of the Iranian oil ships promised by Nasrallah, and that the party will challenge the United States and lift the humiliation of its people?

According to experts, Lebanon will not be able to extract the oil and gas resources inherent in its sea, especially in Block 9 -which according to studies includes a large stock of natural gas- until 10 years after the completion of the demarcation of the border, in other words, Lebanon is still far from any hope to benefit from the billions of dollars existing in its territorial waters.


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