IDP file: Warning of a Western-American-European plan to integrate them into Lebanon

IDP file: Warning of a Western-American-European plan to integrate them into Lebanon

| Friday 06 May 2022

Rania Chakhtoura, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency  

Ministerial source to "Akhbar al-Yawm": we are facing a reality of settlement of refugees

The file of the displaced Syrians came to the forefront, linked by some and a number of electoral observers to the entitlement, where they said that since the start of the last political preparation for the elections and competition, the Free Patriotic Movement and the Tenure sought to put files that fall into the popular field in order to attract a positive response in the elections, such as the application of administrative decentralization, launching lawsuits against the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, which have not been applied for the past years, so will they be applied within weeks?

In response to this link, the Presidency of the Republic’s Information Office issued a statement today, in which it clarifies that“there is no truth to what was stated in a number of media articles issued today about the existence of a link between President Michel Aoun’s raising of the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and the file of the parliamentary elections, or that it is part of the electoral campaigns.”

The information office pointed out that “these conclusions are baseless, because the issue of the return of the displaced to their country has never been absent from the President of the Republic’s stances, and it was raised again in a meeting held yesterday at Baabda Palace with the ministerial delegation participating in a conference in Brussels on May 9 and 10 dedicated to discussing In the future of the displaced Syrians, with the aim of determining the official Lebanese position on this issue and reporting it to the conferences in Brussels.

Aoun chaired a meeting to discuss the Lebanese position, which will be reported during the Brussels conference, which will be held with the participation of representatives of governments, international and regional organizations and civil society organizations, on Monday and Tuesday to help displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

After the meeting, Minister of foreign affairs and expatriates Abdallah Bou Habib announced that Lebanon can no longer tolerate the Syrian displacement on its territory, and he said: "We want to cooperate with the United Nations, but we must take into account our interest, not that they dictate our interest, because we know it".

Bou Habib pointed out that most Syrians who go to Syria and return take hard currency with them, because the Lebanese pound there is a hard currency, they work and move between the two countries and they should not be here.

In this context, a ministerial source pointed out, via the "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that the Syrians in Lebanon do not apply to them the status of displaced or refugee, but the status of "the intention of integration and with the intention of obtaining financial assistance from the High Commissioner for refugees", adding that it is an euphemism for the word "Settlement".

The source stressed that "the process of going and returning Syrians" must stop, especially after the entry of Russia and the imposition of security in some areas, and Turkey in other areas, in addition to the safe areas under the control of the regime, and therefore about 90% of Syrians at least can safely return to their towns, so there is no security justification for their staying.

In response to a question, the source said: we must take practical measures, put the international community in front of its responsibilities, send the security forces and the military brigade to the camps of the displaced in a civilized, brotherly, peaceful and humane manner, limit their presence on the Lebanese-Syrian border, and in parallel issue an alarm to the United Nations to organize the return within a month...Otherwise, the Lebanese state will take whatever action it deems appropriate.

He called for action similar to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said on Tuesday that Turkey, which hosts more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees on its territory, was "preparing for the return of a million" of them on a voluntary basis. Erdogan said in a video message broadcast in front of hundreds of Syrians during a ceremony to hand over keys to thousands of homes intended for refugees returning to northwestern Syria, "the concrete houses were a step, We are now preparing a new project that will allow the voluntary return of one million Syrian brothers and sisters in our country," with the help of NGOs and international organizations, state media reported.

In response to a question, the source lamented that there was no internal Will, and it was met with external complicity. He concluded by warning against a Western-American-European plan to integrate displaced Syrians and Palestinians where they are, specifically in Lebanon.

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