Aoun and Mikati's meeting this afternoon acquires special importance

Aoun and Mikati's meeting this afternoon acquires special importance

| Tuesday 18 January 2022

Daoud Rammal, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Activating the work of institutions so that Lebanon can benefit positively from the settlements of the region

Prime minister Najib Mikati will visit the Presidential Palace this afternoon to discuss with President Michel Aoun the latest developments, especially the return of the Cabinet to convene, which will begin early next week to discuss the draft general budget law for 2022 and the financial and economic recovery plan in addition to emergency living matters to take appropriate decisions on them.

"The first session of the government will decide on a series of very urgent decisions related to the conduct of citizens' affairs, including social assistance for employees, renewal of contracts for contractors with the state, doubling the transport allowance, and matters that need to be implemented by decisions issued by the Council of ministers," a concerned source said.

The source explained that "there is full harmony and consensus between the presidents of the Republic and the government on the priority of the constitutional institutions functioning, especially in light of the dangerous and unprecedented reality that Lebanon is going through at the moment, as the need is more than urgent to take decisions related to the reform process and end corruption and meet brotherly and friendly countries that are seriously willing to help us start the path out of the crisis through a clear reform and rescue plan and with timelines".

"The bet must always be on the victory of the logic of the state and institutions that are not limited only by the Constitution and the law, and the bet is to continue the process of forensic Accounting Audit in the accounts of the Bank of Lebanon, because in the arrival of this audit to its conclusions many facts will be revealead and the picture of the financial and monetary scene will be clear so that it can then start with meaningful financial and monetary treatments," the source said.

The source stressed that "the presidential priority agreed between Aoun and Mikati is to complete the recovery plan in parallel with the approval of the budget and the adoption of reforms and the holding of parliamentary elections on time, because this is a clear indicator seen by the outside in the presence of a Will to change and start the desired reform path, and that when the fate of the country becomes in danger must drop all considerations and internal regional accounts associated with the interests of this party or that".

The source said that "the meeting of Aoun and Mikati this afternoon acquires special importance, very similar to the meeting that followed the formation of the current government on the day when the two presidents agreed on the mechanism of work and coordination".

The source pointed out the fact that "international and regional developments are accelerating, and the duty of political forces to organize in a unified national position to meet the settlements that are working on them, and so that these settlements are not at the expense of Lebanon, and this requires a national awareness and sense of separation between the electoral mobilization and the higher Lebanese interest, as electoral slogans must not overthrow the national constants, especially since the unity of the Lebanese position from many files that would make Lebanon benefit from any positive development in regional and international files".

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