The US dollar... From Europe to Israel including Iran

The US dollar... From Europe to Israel including Iran

| Friday 14 January 2022

Antun el-Fata, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Source: competition with terrorism, murder and malicious Oriental beliefs

If the doors of the Lebanese politicians' houses and those who rule sanctioned countries, from Venezuela to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, to North Korea, are opened in front of the cameras of the international media, everyone will discover that it is the people in those countries who are punished, who are suffering below the line of poverty and hunger, while politicians themselves enjoy all that is pleasant.

Palaces, dollars, and the best living conditions are enjoyed by those mentioned above, some in public, others in secret, while the Peoples are descending at a record speed. This means that U.S. and foreign sanctions fail to change the behavior of regimes and require new platforms and strategies.

Sources of sanctions

An expert source in international affairs stressed that "the reason for this is that those who impose sanctions do not care about the people, nor change the behavior of terrorist regimes, but about their interests, increasing their shares of oil and gas wells, about the places of Natural Resources and other resources of the Earth"..

He confirmed in an interview with "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency that "the policy of sanctions has proved its failure, especially in terms of establishing freedoms, human rights, and democracies".


The source pointed out that "about one million Iranians live in luxurious conditions, they are components of the Iranian regime, the Revolutionary Guards, and their branches, while more than 82 million die there. In Syria, only about 100 thousand Syrians live. In Iraq, only about 500 thousand Iraqis also live, amid the daily death of millions of Syrians and Iraqis. "This is all before the eyes of the United States of America, the West, and the world.

He added: "Changing the behavior of regimes requires action other than sanctions, and the big powers understand that, and they are not stupid. "But the goal is to hit countries that are capable of being competitive in the region, at all levels, from history and civilization, to the wider world, if not destroyed".


The source revealed that "the current Iranian regime, suitable for the United States, the West and for Israel, because it destroyed Persia, drained its resources, and destroyed Iran as a country of Persian civilization, that is, as a civilized regional power, was able to be one of the largest hard-line figures in the region, with a solid economy, within the International Economic Quality Standards.

He continued: "Where is the Babylonian civilization in Iraq?" Where is the Aramaic civilization in Syria? Why does Pharaonic Egypt exist today, while the civilizations of our region were destroyed, by allowing it to be ruled by terrorist regimes that destroyed it, and brought sanctions to its people, and took them out of regional competition, and drained their resources and wealth, instead of being modern civilized, economic and oil countries? What are the positive repercussions of this on the Arab Gulf countries, which are allies of the West, despite their lack of the deep cultural dimensions that exist in the region from Iran to the shores of the Mediterranean"?

Black market

The source pointed out that " Iran, Iraq and Syria are currently competing with terrorism, with murder, with the preparation of suicide bombers, with the trade in religion, and with the malicious political beliefs of the Levant.

"On the black market, anything is possible. In this sense, despite Iran's nuclear conflict with the West and Israel, Tel Aviv provides Tehran with dollars through various activities on the black market, from the level of Israel buying Iranian goods in Europe, in exchange for paying for them in US dollars, in favor of Iran. And all this, while conflicts and mutual threats of war are at their height," he said.

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