Haroun: The isolation rooms are 85% occupied.

Haroun: The isolation rooms are 85% occupied.

| Friday 14 January 2022

The head of the Private Hospitals Syndicate, Suleiman Haroun, confirmed that hospital beds for the Corona virus are occupied by a large percentage, while the isolation rooms are occupied by 85%, and this is a catastrophic percentage, hoping that the new wave of Corona injuries will recede.

In an interview with the Voice of All Lebanon, Haroun indicated that the economic crisis was largely reflected in people's admission to hospitals, and the cost of hospitalization had increased exponentially, and the official guarantors did not keep pace with the crisis, and therefore the citizen pays a lot and is unable to bear all these burdens.

Haroun considered that the solution begins with the presence of a state working to come up with solutions, pointing out that the Minister of Health alone cannot solve all matters, and there are decisions that must be issued by the government that does not meet.

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