Programs and loans for Lebanon are in the hands of the West and Iran... No government!

Programs and loans for Lebanon are in the hands of the West and Iran... No government!

| Monday 10 January 2022

Antun al-Fata, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

At a time when Lebanon is suffering because of Iran, and because of the effects of its policies and behaviors, which prevent our country from going down the path of implementing reforms and building its institutional reality, the World Bank has approved a loan to Tehran worth $90 million to help it curb the covid-19 pandemic, despite the fact that it is a country "not in conformity" with international conditions, and where there are no reforms, no institutions functioning normally, and many illegal activities.


These funds will not be pumped into the Iranian government's budget, but will be used exclusively to purchase essential and vital medical equipment, with the aim of strengthening Iran's response to the pandemic.

The distribution and installation of the equipment will take place in health facilities approved by the "World Bank" and will be monitored. The disbursement of funds will be managed by the "World Health Organization", which reports to the "World Bank", on all the details related to the implementation of these operations.

Because of it

It is true that such assistance will contribute to the containment of Iran's "covid - 19" within Iranian borders, but it will also alleviate the humanitarian crisis there for a country with a regime that enjoys corrupt and terrorist activities, according to international standards.

On the basis of the above, does the Lebanese health and humanitarian crisis, which has reached advanced stages in the worst, deserve a different and rapid international action, even if the kidnapped state in Lebanon is unable to initiate any reform, because of Iran?


There must be a lot of "updates" on the methods of negotiating with countries, funds and institutions abroad. Whoever is able to help Iran, even though it is hostile to the international community, and (hostile) to transparency, and credibility, is also able to help Lebanon.


A source familiar with the work of the World Bank explained that "this international institution, and the World Health Organization, are dealing with a country in Iran. There, even if the state is hostile to the West, its government and institutions work, make decisions, and implement".

In an interview with "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency, the source said that "practically, there are no institutions in Lebanon, and there is no one who is able to implement, even if he negotiates, and agrees with him. In our country, there are no procedures, no laws, and international institutions do not know who they are actually dealing with, which destroys any hope of an institutional and serious international sympathy for the Lebanese state. This creates a problem".


The source called for "a return to institutions, that the Council of Ministers be convened, to apply laws, activate the judiciary and accountability, and to activate the work of ministers".

He added: "How will the international community trust Lebanon, as long as the whole world sees such a huge amount of violations in the country, which remain without any judicial effect?" This loss of International Trust is not easily restored, even if parliamentary elections are held," he said.


The source warned that "Lebanon is heading downward, to the bottom with an unclear ground. "As long as the bottom is not clear, this means that there is no possibility of starting to rise, either with or without parliamentary elections," he said.

He concluded: "the International permission to hold a military party in the joints of the Lebanese state, until now, reflects what is happening in the Vienna negotiations, and in the region in general. Lebanon is at the negotiating table, and if the international community agrees with Iran, this will be reflected in the programs, loans and aid that are expected for Lebanon. If they fail, we will see a translation of that failure as well, at the level of those same programs, loans and aid".

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