Who will be allied with Bassil?.. Is the "war on Amal" the title of the battle to the end?

Who will be allied with Bassil?.. Is the "war on Amal" the title of the battle to the end?

| Tuesday 04 January 2022

Rania Shakhtura, “Akhbar al-Yawm” agency

Former leader of the FPM: the joint nominations of the Shiite duo cannot be bypassed

Lebanon entered the orbit of the elections, and it seems that the "leaders" began to launch battles.

In this context came the speech of the head of the "Free Patriotic Movement" MP Gebran Bassil last Sunday, which opened the year of fateful benefits, at the level of the future of the political movement and also at the level of the Open crisis in the country.

Commenting on the speech, which opened all fronts at the same time, a former leader of the FPM asked: so who will be allied with Bassil?

The leader said: in terms of form, the Movement turned away from everything and focused his battle on the Amal Movement, but there is a clear gap, it does not want to go to the alliance with the Shiites in a number of electoral districts, where even indirectly there is an alliance with Amal, through the joint nominations of the Shiite duo, especially in districts as of Beirut II, Baabda and the northern Bekaa.

Thus, the question arises: is the "war on Amal" the title of the battle to the end? at least in the elections in the constituencies where the joint candidacy of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement. Did Bassil decide that the battle should be open with the Amal Movement and will complete parliamentary and presidential in all files, or should he calm down by virtue of understanding with Hezbollah?

He is been asked: Did Bassil send a message to Hezbollah in order to bring the views between the two parties closer? - The leader replied: This letter is addressed to the people to tighten the tension before it is directed to the party.

As for the development of the Mar Mikhael agreement, the same leader considered that it is not the first time that this issue has been raised, and a committee was previously formed and there was no progress, and therefore the renewal of the proposal today falls within the framework of the profit of time, knowing that the problems in the relationship need to be corrected, to start from them to the open files in the country (economic crisis, the problems with the Gulf), where the party is a key party in all problems.

Will Hezbollah respond to President Michel Aoun's call for dialogue? He replied: in the form it is responsive, but nothing is clear in any case, dialogue is better late than never, given the country's crisis.

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