Gallant: Hezbollah fired over 1,000 munitions at Israel since start of war with Hamas

Gallant: Hezbollah fired over 1,000 munitions at Israel since start of war with Hamas

| Monday 20 November 2023

“Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah had fired 1,000 munitions at Israel since October 7 when the Israel-Hamas war broke out in Gaza”, said Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and warned that Tehran was increasing its attacks against Israel.
“Iran is the root of hostility and aggression against the State of Israel. The war is multifront, even though its intensity is focused on Gaza,” Gallant said as cited by the Times of Israel.

Gallant’s statements came as Hezbollah launched more rocket and missile attacks at northern Israel, which instigated Israel to return fire.

Gallant said: “Since the beginning of the war, Hezbollah has fired more than 1,000 munitions at Israeli targets but suffers far more significant harm. We’re thwarting [missile and rocket] squads and hitting military assets and targets, Hezbollah pays a heavy price every day.”
The Israeli defense minister also said: “In recent days, the defense establishment has identified a growing trend of Iran working to intensify attacks by the militias against Israel through its proxies in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. We are following, and will know how to act at the appropriate time, place and strength.”

The Israeli army said on Sunday that its fighter jets struck Hezbollah “terror targets” in Lebanese territory. “The terror targets included a Hezbollah military compound where terrorists from the organization were operating, a military post, and infrastructure used for directing terror,” the army said in a statement.

It added: “In addition, several anti-tank missile and mortar shell launches toward different areas in northern Israel were identified. According to protocol, the launches were not intercepted. A short while ago, an interceptor was launched toward a suspicious target in northern Israel. The [Israeli army] is striking the origins of the fire.”

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