Joseph Aoun: I am not interested in the Presidency of the Republic

Joseph Aoun: I am not interested in the Presidency of the Republic

| Monday 18 September 2023

During his meeting with the delegation of the Press Syndicate, led by Captain Aouni Al-Kaaki, the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, spoke about the current situation and current issues.

Regarding the issue of the presidency of the republic, the army commander said: "This does not concern me, and no one has discussed it with me, and I have not discussed it with anyone".

As for the issue of the illegal passage of displaced persons across the border, he estimated that the traffic is now controlled up to 85 percent, and he stated that the borders are vast, open and overlapping.

We do not have enough personnel or logistical capacities to fully control it, he stressed, stressing that the control of smuggling is a shared responsibility that begins with the citizen, through municipalities and official services, up to the army.

In response to a question, the army commander said that the army had no intention or effort to enter the Ain al-Hilweh camp, and added: We have taken all measures and deployed a military force around the camp to prevent the fighting from spreading outside. .

During the meeting, the army commander focused on the issue of security. He said: "Our priority is safety, and we are working day and night to control it. Weapons are widespread and endemic, and the judicial system does not help us to stop the undisciplined. the perpetrators and the evacuees.

As for the issue of land borders, the army commander mentioned what he described as an American interest in delimiting land borders.

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