In spite of the failure to access the dialogue... The House of Representatives activates its sessions

In spite of the failure to access the dialogue... The House of Representatives activates its sessions

| Friday 14 January 2022

Hala el-Husseini, "Akhbar al-Yawm" agency

Parliamentary sources to "Akhbar Al-Yawm": the activity continues until the elections

It is expected that the parliamentary council will resume its activities in full in the coming period in terms of holding legislative sessions to approve a number of projects and proposals of laws completed by the parliamentary committees and submitted to the presidency of the council.

In this context, parliamentary sources say that the parliament will continue its work, of course, as the role of institutions, including the independence of the judiciary, cannot be disrupted.

Hence, the sources are waiting for the convening of the Bureau of the parliament to set the agenda of the next legislative session, within days, especially after the opening of the special session, especially since the commission determines the projects and proposals that will be put forward.

Sources indicate that there are proposals completed and must be approved and the House of Representatives will continue its activity until the completion of the parliamentary elections, which did not hesitate at all.

In this regard, the sources believe that the failure to reach an inclusive dialogue table between all Lebanese parties, as called for by President Michel Aoun, is accompanied at the same time by a great activity of the parliament. Knowing that the need has become more urgent than ever to approve the proposal for the independence of the judiciary and others such as the competition and consumer protection law, which was completed by the sub-committee of the economy committee headed by MP Farid Al-Bustani.

From this point of view, the sources conclude, expressing their belief that the invitation to the dialogue table came late and failed before it began, as the House of Representatives is the meeting place of all the parties and the legislative sessions will be held at times not far away.

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